Apple Plans The Return Of Employees to Corporate Offices Soon


Having a long break-in time because of the coronavirus pandemic, Apple now decided to start having its employees return for corporate offices worldwide. So on a nearby day, they will restart their default working procedure and there will be several changes. However, it is, some tech companies still implement the working procedures with the work-from-home concept and this will continue until the end of this year 2020.

Apple New Plans Due to The Coronavirus Pandemic

According to Apple’s decisions they planned to bring employees back to work to the office. Here they decided to bring them in kind of phases over the cause of a few months.  They planned it according to the knowledge base strategy.

apple employees

First Phase

The first phase includes staff members that mainly uncomfortable with the current plan. Here those are the staff members who are unable to work remotely or who face the challenges of working from home. For this category, work already began in some regions. This procedure will extend to the head officers at the end of the May and beginning of June.

Second Phase

The second phase which planning to begin in July includes additional workers than the previous section and they will report to Apple’s global offices. However it is, Apple’s plans to recruit employees are fluid and may vary depending on local and state stay-at-home orders.

apple workers return

Starting this week, Apple managers categorized their customers whether they belong to the first category or second. For the first category, they asked for employees to work from the office regularly or they can select the time schedule according to their role of performances.

VR and AR Headsets Will Comeback

Some of the employees who returned back to work at Apple’s Silicon Valley campuses which belong to the first category. They are members of those who focus on hardware development. Therefore according to Bloomberg, future hardware initiatives such as virtual reality and augmented headsets have a positive ability to comeback in recent months after the limitations of work-from-home.

Plans Of Other Companies

Apple has long emphasized personal solidarity and refrains from allowing employees to work from home. It is a testament to the return to standard working conditions. But Facebook and Google announced that most of the employees could be able to work from home until the end of the year.

Amazon plans to free their workers to work from home until early October. In fact,  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that if their workers wish to work from home permanently. They can select that option.

Although in this serious situation some Apple officers were worked in Apple offices to conduct business-critical operations such as data center management, software deployment, and hardware testing. When employees begin work and return to the office, Apple will run temperature tests, masks wearing, and keep social distancing for further protective.

In addition, Apple decided to open several Apple stores.  In the US, South Carolina, Alabama, Alaska, and Idaho are reopening this week. All stores in Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and South Korea have reopened.


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