Apple Homepod 2 Release Date, Price, Features, and Rumours


apple homepod 2

Apple HomePod simply can be defined as an advanced developing version of Siri. HomePod is a fast-paced speaker designed to adapt to the related location. It provides users high-fidelity audio in all the things that play through it.  Using Apple Music and Siri, HomePod allows creating a better way to get interacted with music from home.

apple homepod 2

HomePad 2 is the upcoming version of this application, and this will be something more advanced rather than the first release. HomePod is one of the most amazing and powerful speakers, adapt anything that plays connected with Apple music. Without any effort, it gives you effortless access to a massive collection for catalogs. With Siri, this is something interesting, and this is just the beginning of a great revolution of the HomePod device. With Apple HomePod it is usually carrying out,

  • The user can afford the sound range with deep bass
  • Incredible listener 
  • High-fidelity audio
  • Smart speaker
  • Great design creates for seen and heard

HomePod 2 release date

First, Apple released Apple HomePod in 2018. It was announced in 2017, and finally, it was succeeded in 2018. Likewise, we can wait for HomePod 2 in 2020 with a new Apple operating system, iOS 14.

HomePod 2 price

Apple HomePod was priced as £319 / $349. But in 2019, the price was reduced to £279 / $299. Generally, for the upcoming versions, the price will not be a significant change. Sometimes if the device were much smaller than the first one, the cost would be lower. According to rumors, the price significantly cheaper rather than earlier HomePod.

apple homepod review

HomePod 2 upcoming specs and rumors

Now we know that Apple smart speaker, HomePad is the best way to standalone with Siri, play music, and many other facilities. With the release of HomePod, most of the Apple users get interested in the new Apple device. So Apple devices another version for HomePod, and this probably will be HomePod 2. According to the latest rumors, the latest HomePod 2 specifications will be as below.

apple homepod 2 setup

  • Bluetooth connectivity – Apple homePod is something that depends on voice controls. This is a standalone device does it does not require to hook up with another audio device. However, with the development of the device, it may add newbie options. For video playback options or any other such thing here, it does not include in the smart speaker’s streaming service. So here, Bluetooth connectivity will be useful. So with the upcoming HomePod 2 or HomePod mini, this Bluetooth facility will be essential.
  • Allows open access for other music services – The current Apple HomePod, not allowed to get access to the Apple ecosystem. It automatically comes with a default lock. But with the upcoming HomePpod 2, it will allow open access for other music services as well.  
  • Better Siri performance – with the HomePod 2 we can expect an improved Siri rather than HomePod first release. So with the upcoming version, something will happen. So her Siri will improve with better performances, performing quickly and accurately for commands, and more. 
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  • More color options

With those above facilities and tons of other features and functions, Apple HomePod 2 will be released in 2020. So be on the alert!

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