Apple Plans To Start Manufacture iPhone XR In India


iPhone XR is now manufacturing in India! Finally, Apple decided to launch this service by assembling iPhone XR in India. Apple finally expanded its service for India, and this is the world’s second-biggest handset market that struggled against inexpensive products from competitors.

iphone xr india

The manufacturing and assembling service done by a Chinese contractor, Foxconn. Here the India plant of Foxconn is manufacturing iPhone XR in India, and this is the most popular manufactured company in California. The most recent reason for doing this is to avoid high taxes when importing fully made accessories. By the way, India permits local standards to set up retail stores and expands them inside the country.

 iPhone XR in India

Here you can see the tag as “Assembled in India” on the iPhone XR boxes that were manufactured in India. Finally, after all, most electronic retailers in the country, including Chroma, have priced the Indian version of iPhone XR at Indian Rs 44,900 ($ 542) for the 64 GB version.

iphone xr price india

The manufacturer, Foxconn, has reduced the price of iPhone XR in India. The reason for that is to slow down long sales amid intense competition for other premium handsets from Samsung and OnePlus.

Reuter news service has reported early this year that Apple going to assemble the most interesting top-end iPhones in India.

Earlier this year Reuters reported that the company would assemble its top-end iPhones in India. However, for that, Apple authorities did not give a response comment to those things immediately.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought to make India the third-largest economic hub in South Asia with smartphone manufacturing. So it will be their first attempt. They work with the most popular smartphone maker, Apple.

So Apple selected India as the best solution to get away from the trade war between China and the US. So their option was India as their export hub in Asian countries.

iphone xr use in india

Highlights of iPhone XR in India

  • Foxconn company in Chennai locally begins iPhone XR manufacturing
  • So now users have the opportunity to buy iPhone XR at lower prices as manufacturers could able to sell them in low budget in online
  • Finally, Apple is going to begin another step by locally manufacturing iPhone 11 also in India further days.
  • This will be an excellent opportunity for Asian users as now they have the ability to buy an iPhone for flexible prices¬†
  • This will be an excellent opportunity for Apple users to get rid of the trade war between China and the US
  • A good trick to prevent taxes and Apple could able to assemble a mobile device in a low budget.


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