New Apple TV 2020 Release: News, Specs, and Rumours


Apple is going to release an amazing update in the upcoming 2020. That is the new Apple TV 2020, and this will be the very first Apple released at the beginning of 2020. Apple TV 4K is the latest available Apple TV version, and this was released in 2017. But for those Apple TV versions now, there is a most recent update that is Apple TV +service. This is the latest streaming facility that was released on the 01st of November 2019.

Apple TV 2020 will be a new beginning for Apple TV category, and it will contain amazing facilities for worldwide Apple users.

apple tv 2020

What is Apple TV- Apple TV 2020?

Apple TV is another invention of Apple Inc. Now it is widely spread among millions of Apple users. This is a simple device that is designed with a set-top box and combined with a digital media player.  Sometimes this is a game machine. By the way, Apple TV is a platform for apps that allows users to stream video content from Apple operating systems and Mac operating systems to a TV.

Specs Rumours on Apple TV

Apple describes this Apple TV as a hobby product. However, with Apple TC +facility, this is something important things it can use to transform the television industry. With Apple TV, there are too many products available. Those are Apple TV set-top-box, Apple TV +(plus), and the Apple TV app that is released for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and other devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire players,  Samsung TVs, etc.

There seems to be needing to redesign the Apple TV gadget to explain how these different things fit together, or stop selling it and remove some of the confusion.

apple tv 2020 setup

Can Apple TV be stopped? Apple does not seem to be planning to acquire Netflix and Amazon with the new on-demand TV service. But Apple will not launch another Apple TV box, preferring to partner with TV makers and other set-top-box manufacturers instead.

Samsung has already provided Apple’s TV app with several of its 2018 and 2019 televisions, which means users have the freedom to buy or rent TV shows and movies from the related Apple iTunes Store using Samsung TVs to watch Apple TV + content that users subscribe.

Here Roku and Amazon Fire TV will also be able to launch the new service. Then  Sony and other TV manufacturers have confirmed, and they allow for supporting AirPlay 2 and TV apps.

This undoubtedly hints that manufacture may select and agreed to work with TV and set-top box and not going to update Apple TV after all. Apple does not insist that the new service is limited to Apple devices.

Apple TV Features

Let’s see all the compatible features of Apple TV.

  • AirPod Siri support
  • Integration with HomePod
  • Siri on Apple TV
  • Mac mini Apple TV
  • Processor
  • A new Remote
  • Specs
  • Bigger hard drive

what is apple tv

New Apple TV 2020  – Price

The Apple TV 2015 (32GB 4th generation Apple TV) cost about £149/$149. the newest 2017 Apple TV nearly cost about  £179/$179 ( 32GB of storage) and £199/$199 (64GB storage). Those prices are too much, and the upcoming Apple TV 2020 cost more than that.


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