Apple Watch Series 5: Everything That You Should Know


Apple gets ready to release several Apple devices this September, and this will be a real surprise for worldwide millions of Apple users. While iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max targeted release this September, Apple has announced another iDevice arrival.  That is Apple Watch Series 5. This will be the best Apple Watch ever although it does not contain a massive collection of features and functions. However, it is, The Apple watch latest version series 5 includes some meaningful upgrades to increase its value. For the users those who are waiting for the upcoming the most recent and fabulous Apple watch update, now you can hopefully wait as it marked the release date as 20th September 2019.

apple watch series 5

Features of Apple Watch Series 5 – Things you  must know with the new version

Apple Watch Series 4 is a great revolution. It is a massive version with vast designed changes. Apple Watch Series 5 is the upcoming series, and this is the same design. But it includes a few changes to give an enjoyable experience for Apple users with new opportunities.

Apple Watch Series 5 fabulous features

  • Sleepless watch display
  • Supported customizations and gives freedom for users
  • Comes with new materials that quickly get user attraction
  • Latest apps give thousands of opportunities
  • Noise app gives alerts about noises when it is getting a little louder
  • Automatically raise the levels of hearing
  • The new Cycle Tracking app gives you information about your menstrual cycle.
  • Fitness app helps to achieve fitness goals
  • Streaming favorite songs and it supports up to millions
  • Advance sense of direction of new Apple watch
  • Supported apps within a snap 
  • Without a phone, you can use Apple watch 
  • Supported for Apple Pay
  • Talk with Siri available

apple watch series 5 features

Pricing and availability of Apple Watch Series 5

Pre-orders now supported for Apple Watch Series 5 and the date of the sales mark as 20th September. So one more day and are you ready to buy your latest Apple watch this September?

  • Pre-orders supported from 10 September 2019
  • Available from 20 September 2019

The device cost is calculating at $400 for the GPS model and $500 for the cellular model. In fact, Apple announced that they are dropping the price of an Apple watch series 3 for  $200.

watch os 6

Apple Watch Series 5 – WatchOS 6

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with watchOS 6, and it supports for Apple Watch Series 1 – 5.  Here the latest watchOS 6 has its own App store and support facilities for women’s health. With the most recent watchOS, 6 Apple Watch Series 5 runs with massive performances, and this is the best watchOS and watch series that never released before.

Wrap up

Apple Watch is a smartwatch that designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. Now there are several versions of series, and the fifth one is about to be released on the 20th of September.  With Apple watch series 5, we can have a collection of facilities, and it comes with cellular and GPS facility.


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