Apple Google Exposure Notification System and How It Works


In iOS 13.5 beta, Apple has introduced an exposure notification API. This allows applications from public health authorities and governments around the world to check for exposure to COVID-19. So what’re the next steps that take to mitigate the spread of the virus. Basically, Apple’s Exposure Notification System is another good decision. Because it is very useful in this pandemic period, and let’s see what is this?

apple google exposure notification system

Exposure Notification Explained

The exposure notification began as a contact tracing, an Apple-Google program that was announced in early April to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Apple and Google have created an API that allows connecting iPhones and Android smartphones for content tracing. So then you can get a notification if the COVID-19 is nearby and then identified. After that, you can take appropriate steps to self-isolate and seek medical help if needed.

Determining if you are connected to someone depends on your iPhone, using the Exposure Notification API, interacting with other iPhones and Android smartphones via Bluetooth, and sharing anonymous identifiers when you are surrounded by someone with a smartphone.

Apple and Google are both developing underlying APIs. As well as Bluetooth functionality. however it is, they are going to develop applications that use in APIs. Instead of that, this technology will be incorporated into several applications. Such as apps designed by public health authorities around the world. This will be able to send exposure notifications and use tracking information to take recommended next steps.

The API is designed with privacy and security in mind, and the use of applications is optional.

using apple exposure notification system

How Exposure Notification Works

Almost everyone has a smartphone, so it is best to determine who you have connected to. The Exposure Notification has its own explanatory name. The features are designed to send you notifications if you are close to a person suffering from COVID-19.

All You Have to Do to Use The Exposure Notification

Apps using the Apple Notification API are available when Apple releases iOS 13.5, this is a beta update with API that allows public health authorities to start incorporating APIs into those COVID-19 apps.

Exposure notification is the default feature of iOS 13.5 betas, which can be activated automatically when the update is released, but actually, it requires the download of an application from a verified health authority using the API. Many countries are developing specialized applications that you can download in the future.

Currently, no apps are using the Apple API, but after the release of these apps, you have to download and agree to use it before the exposure notification is activated on your smartphone.

The iPhone’s notification API does nothing without an app that explicitly downloads and opt into using.

how apple exposure notification works

The Future – Exposure Notification

Apple and Google will introduce an API for apps. it will release in May.  However,  eventually, at the end of the year, Apple will introduce an OS-level exposure notification to ensure widespread adoption, that essential for contact tracing to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Once the feature is completed and inserted into the operating system, it will work in the same way as now it works. But to exchange identification information there will be not required any app to installed.


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