Apple Buys UK-Based Startup Company Spectral Edge

apple buys spectral edge

Spectral Edge is a wonderful option that can be used for Apple users to increases the photography technology in your iDevice. This technology belongs to a UK based Company, and now the facility is open for users through Apple devices. Spectral Edge is a Cambridge-based photography technology, and it started up from last Friday. Spectral … Read more

Mac Pro: Price, Specs, and Everything You Need to Know

mac pro

The Mac Pro is one of the most popular series of workstations and unique servers that was belonging to Apple. Here Apple Inc has the leading powers to designed, manufactured, and sold Mac Pro without any conditions. This is the most powerful computer that belongs to Apple, which contains several configurations, super speed, and performances.  … Read more

Apple Homepod 2 Release Date, Price, Features, and Rumours

apple homepod 2

Apple HomePod simply can be defined as an advanced developing version of Siri. HomePod is a fast-paced speaker designed to adapt to the related location. It provides users high-fidelity audio in all the things that play through it.  Using Apple Music and Siri, HomePod allows creating a better way to get interacted with music from … Read more

How to Download and Install macOS Catalina Easily

download macos catalina

Apple developers released a list of latest facilities for Apple users starting from iOS 13 this September. Those rolling out the most modern facilities are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro max, iPads, Apple watch series 5 for smartwatches, Apple latest gaming service, Apple  Arcade, and now macOS Catalina. macOS Catalina is the … Read more

Apple Plans To Start Manufacture iPhone XR In India

iphone xr india

iPhone XR is now manufacturing in India! Finally, Apple decided to launch this service by assembling iPhone XR in India. Apple finally expanded its service for India, and this is the world’s second-biggest handset market that struggled against inexpensive products from competitors. The manufacturing and assembling service done by a Chinese contractor, Foxconn. Here the … Read more

Apple News+ Guide: Everything That You Need to Know

apple news+

Apple News + is the latest subscription service on Apple News. It was officially released in March 2019, and now it is available for worldwide Apple users. We know, Apple news is one of the most exciting mobile apps which can be defined as a news aggregator that was developed by Apple Inc.  It is … Read more

Apple Arcade: The Everything That You Need To Know

apple arcade

For game lovers now, Apple decided to release a wonderful game subscription service. That is Apple Arcade. This latest service is ready to use with iOS, tvOS, iPadOS as well as macOS running devices. The earliest announcement of Apple Arcade was announced in March 2019. Finally, it was released on September 19th in 2019. Apple … Read more

iPhone SE 2 Release Date, News, Price, and Leaks

iphone se2

iPhone SE 2 is another wonderful iDevice that belongs to Apple. According to the latest leaks, rumors, and predictions, iPhone SE 2 is about to come with a collection of facilities that make the Apple user more flexible and comfortable.  This is the ideal iDevices that small in size, small in price, and most compatible … Read more

The Difference Between Haptic Touch and 3D Touch In iPhone

difference between haptic touch and 3d touch

The haptic touch concept arrives with the latest iPhone 11 series. So now, with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone11 Pro Max, Apple has eliminated 3D Touch throughout its entire iPhone lineup. Then they replaced Haptic Touch instead of the previous 3D Touch feature. This will be the latest facility that came with … Read more