Auto Stamper


Auto Stamper

Most memorable moments, events and achievements in life are most valuable to that person. Also, to one’s family. If friends get to know about these, one will have to share with them too. Although there are many options available for other activities in life, photography is the only way to capture and record important happenings. This is the very reason that most people all over the world patronise photography.

No surprise that this industry has developed so vastly since its inception in the early 19th century. Camera has technologically progressed and has been customized in the most suitable and appropriate manner. One huge development is a camera Apk that could be installed in a smartphone. Smartphone as everyone knows is part of everyone’s daily life. This is one major reason that any or almost everything, anywhere, anytime can be photographed. And now on offer is a magnificent App that will add more value to photography. Auto Stamper it is.

Auto Stamper

Its super auto features

Primary feature of AUTO STAMP is to make a classy stamp on a photo. This will bring about a special attraction and appeal to an image.

Water mark stamping – Insert a Message by way of Text, a Logo, or a Signature to the image. Water effect been transparent will make the stamp more attractive. With its appeal no better way to showcase a product for promotion.

Date and time – Been stamped is important if needed to trace back its origin. Another way to show the importance is a court of law which will accept the authenticity of an image with date and time relevant to the court case.

GPS – Use GPS and stamp location. Useful if one is not familiar with the place.

Sequential numbering – Becomes important when shooting a chain of images. Numbering them will make it easy to identify the frames in sequence.

Copyright- Lock your signature stamp. With this feature be assured no one else will be able to copy paste and adjust your stamp to make it theirs.

Adjust – Bring in freshness to old stamps. Change its position, Change colour and size. Will bring in a new fresh appeal.

Fun – To bring in some cool fun to your images add funny texts or characters from the App.

Been able to recollect every minute detail, Auto Stamper will Make your sentimental and valued memories in the photos be live with time passing by, without which these photos would be blank and just another one. And for the professionals in the industry by using Auto Stamper will arouse the curiosity of viewers as to who the photographer is. No better way of showing the class of a pro photographer. With 108 million images been stamped with the Auto Stamper the proof is in the pudding.

Install Stamper on Android TV

Many uses external camera with Android TV or Fire TV devices for zoom meetings and video calls. But you want be able to use camera as a regular camera like on Android phones. This is due to lack of proper camera apps on default app store. You can install awesome camera applications like Auto Stamper on your TV Box using third-party app stores. Add stamps like date or time to your photos captured using your Android TV camera.

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