How to Download and Install macOS Catalina Easily


Apple developers released a list of latest facilities for Apple users starting from iOS 13 this September. Those rolling out the most modern facilities are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro max, iPads, Apple watch series 5 for smartwatches, Apple latest gaming service, Apple  Arcade, and now macOS Catalina.

download macos catalina

macOS Catalina is the latest release MacOS for 2019. Here they designed the newest update with new features. iTunes replaced here, and it is divided into three categories. Those are Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts. With the latest macOS, users have the ability to use iPad apps, and now those apps available in direct download for macOS through the Mac app store. By the way, there is another facility. That is Apple Arcade, and it is now responsible for the latest macOS Catalina. For more games and thousands of facilities.

More about macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina is the version of macOS 10.15. According to beta versions now Apple has successfully released the final version of macOS Catalina. So now, it is available for all the compatible  Mac or MacBook devices, and it is freely available for download and install it.

The latest update includes updated features, modified solutions, most modern features, and functions that allow users to feel more comfortable.  However, totally macOS Catalina comes with cool features for the new OS. It is easy to download and install the OS for your Apple computer and use instructions to upgrade the OS without any mess quickly.

macOS Catalina Compatibility

macOS Catalina supported only for selected devices. So before going to upgrade this, you have to get an idea about the compatibility of macOS Catalina. This is not dependent on software facilities. For macOS Catalina, your device hardware is also compatible with the version. Catalina hardware is so identical to the previous macOS Mojave. This is the current operating system, and for users those who have below-categorized devices now, you are free to install the latest macOS Catalina within a few seconds.

  • MacBook 2015 or upward
  • The MacBook Air 2012 or upward
  • MacBook Pro 2012 or upward
  • Mac Mini 2012 or upward
  • iMac 2012 or upward
  • iMac Pro 2017 or upward
  • Mac Pro 2013 or upward

macos catalina devices

If you don’t have an idea about your current operating system version, then you can check it from the Apple menu > tap on about this mac. Then on the overview tab, you can see the version of the macOS.

Things you should know before installing Catalina

There are several things that you should follow before going to install the latest Catalina version. As the first thing, you should take a back up. Before installing any operating system, you should have to take a backup of your device memory. This will protect your device data without losing them. Users have the freedom to backup the device data to mac drive or any other suitable way.

The other thing is, it is better to know about your device Apple ID. For Apple users, Apple probably gives you an  Apple ID. If you forget this, then you have to get it back as while installing Catalina, it required Apple ID, and to get into iCloud, you must have that.

The other important thing is device storage.  macOS Catalina takes nearly 6.5GB, and this is a big download. So for better performance, there you should have at least 20GB with free storage to continue this. By the way, here, Catalina supports only 64-bit devices.

Ready to  Download and install  macOS Catalina

Before going to download this, here you have to be careful about preparations for download and install Catalina. Then you can easily download them by following the below guidance.

Step 01

  • First, you have to go to the Mac App Store. Then in the left sidebar, you can see updates. Tap o updated for search latest updates. Now you can see the latest availabilities. If the Catalina update is available, there you can see it on the list.  Otherwise, you can search for it in the store as well. Tap for a search software update, and then users can easily find the latest available update.

install macos catalina

Step 02

  • If it is available, then tap on the update or get a button.

update macos catalina

Step 03

  • Now the installation begins, and within a few seconds, you can complete the process.

macos catalina

Now you can successfully update the latest available macOS update, and Catalina is just here with plenty of facilities as well as the compatibility of collection of apps and games


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