How To Use Noise App On Apple Watch and Benifits of It


Noise app is the latest application that comes with Apple watchOS 6. This newest app allows users to measure ambient noise levels in your environment. It can be used in any environment without any condition. If the noise around you is loud enough to cause hearing loss, you are there and warn you. The Noise app is the latest addition of health tech features to Apple tvOS 6, and here it follows the EKG feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 that was released in 2018.

As well as this Noise app, For this year, Apple Watch and iPhones also added menstrual cycles and fertility tracking app.

how to use noise app

The latest Noise on Apple Watch

The latest Noise app supported only for Apple watch. This is the best way to detect noise in your environment and let users know if it is at risk level or not. Therefore, it is more appropriate to identify users’ risk for hearing loss. The app uses the microphone on the watch to measure decibel levels in concerts, theaters, parades, construction zones, and other sound conditions that are generally inappropriate to your ears. It shows the level of sounds around you in decibels when you open the Noise app. This is a real-time measurement of the sound, and it is 100% accurate indicates you the sound level is “OK” or “Loud.”

Process of the Noise on Apple Watch

According to medical reports and measurements, between zero and 80 decibels, the sounds are not loud enough to cause any hearing loss. But the problem comes next. The sounds above 80 decibels can cause long-term hearing damage. This depends on the time that how long ears expose to it. But using the Noise app now there are no issues as it always notifies you the sound level is suits or not. In fact, it gives you an idea about the time that you can safely listen to sounds that are in 80, 85, 90, 95, and 100 decibels.

noise app apple watch 

Using your iPhone, now you can manage the Apple Watch app, and it notifies you about the noise is above 80 to 100 decibels. Here Apple confirmed that they do not record or save anything that Noise app picks up. But if you are thoroughly concerned about privacy, then you can turn off the Noise app from your Apple Watch app.

Measure noise levels with Apple Watch

noise app features

Now you can try below steps to measure noise levels using your Apple watch. 

  1. First, you have to open the Noise app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Enable the turn on monitoring
  3. Then open the Noise app or use the Noise complication to measure the environmental noise.

Now you can easily measure the environmental noise around you, and this is the best way to identify harmful noises around you. There are three types of hearing loss mainly. Those are Conductive, Sensorineural, and Mixed levels. Finally, Apple built this Noise app and released it with watchOS6 to limit your harmful exposure.


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