Latest HyperDrive DUO 7-in-2 USB-C Hub for Mac Notebooks


The USB-C Hub, which directly links to Apple’s notebook now has become commonplace in recent years. However, it is  Sancho Corporation’s Hyper brand that is now releasing the latest updated HyperDrive Duo hub version and it carrying out a couple of new twists.

For your Mac such as the other  USB-C hubs, the new HyperDrive Duo contains a number of expansion ports. Those are an HDMI port, a pair of USB-C ports with a Thunderbolt 3 to 100W power supply, a pair of USB-A ports, and microSD Ports and slots for cards. The latest facility is here the updated Mac version of HyperDrive Hub includes the new 4K 60Hz HDMI.

hyperdrive duo

Designed With New Features

The new HyperDrive DUO includes several new features. Among those features here it comes with a new removable magnetic grip.  It inserted between the hub and the notebook. Here it increases the rigidity of the related attachment and allows to prevent disconnections,  loss of data transmission, or even data corruption that arises accidentally. Here you can find a similar grip on the iPad Pro USB-C hub.

The HyperDrive Duo features a standard USB-C connector that extends from the magnetic grip. However, the overall design also means that the device can be easily used with MacBook cases, but here it is essential to remove the magnetic grip, an additional spacer for connectors with the MacBook case.

hyperdrive duo 7 in 2 usb c hub

iPad Pro is a non-Mac Book USB-C devices and for those who want to use the HyperDrive DUO hub, here you can use it with a short connector cable. It gives the flexibility to make a connection with any single -USB USB-C device. The vegan leather is the way to protect the hub, grip, and extension cable and organized it for secure and organized it for travel.

Price and Colors

Users have the freedom to buy the HyperDrive DUO for $99.99 from today. It is available for silver and space gray species through, B&H Photo, and other retailers.


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