How to Improve iPhone & iPad Battery Life With Simple Steps


For iPhone, iPad, and other iDevices, battery life is the most important thing, and all the performances of the device depend on battery performances. So the high percentage of battery makes it more efficient, and it is better to maintain a powerful battery life for better efficiency. With the development of iOS and to meet growing needs, the iOS processor has become more robust. So here improve iPhone & iPad battery life is the best solution to face all those problems. For a long time endurance, it is very important to maintain your iPhone with maximum battery life.

By following user-friendly instructions and following the best power-saving tips and tricks, Apple users can keep the device battery running all day long.

improve iphone battery

Identifying the reasons for low battery life

Before going to improve your iPhone & iPad battery life as the first step here, you have to identify the reasons for low battery life. There can be many reasons to persuade your iPhone, iPad battery to last a little longer. Before that check that your device hardware to find the reason or confirm “is it a battery faulty?”.

For that Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Then now you can see “measure of battery capacity relative to when it was new.”

Now you can follow below simple steps to improve iPhone & iPad battery life

Turn on Optimised Battery Charging

iphone optimized battery charging

For iOS 13 comes with a new feature called Optimised Battery Charging. When you upgrade iOS 13, then you can automatically have this facility.

Check Battery Usage

iphone battery usage

To get an idea about battery performances and to check whether to find problems, check battery usage. This is a quick way to find issues on the battery on your iPhone or iPad. So here for a go-to checkup Settings > Battery and you can have battery Usage report.

Use Dark Mode

iphone dark mode

This is another latest feature that comes with iOS 13. The dark mode is a beneficial feature that allows saving battery on a low brightness level. This makes your screen more pleasant to view and reduced eye strain.

Turn down brightness

iphone low brightness

For the users who are using below iOS 13 update did not have the facility of dark mode. But they can turn down all the enable power requirements of the screen. For lighting on your device, requires a lot of energy. So try this!

Turn on Low Power Mode

iphone low power mode

Another useful method that can use to reduces overall power requirements on iDevices. Here we can save battery and makes it last longer.

Update iOS

iphone software update

As each latest iOS version includes bug fixes and improvements. The software update is the best solution to fixes vulnerabilities, and it allows battery performances. From each iOS version, Apple includes more facilities for the battery, and therefore, users can easily ignore all anomalies.

In fact, users can follow the below tips as well

  • Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G, 4G connections
  • Switch off Facebook
  • Use Auto-lock
  • Don’t bother quitting apps
  • Turn off AirDrop
  • Turn down the volume and stop vibrating
  • Tone down visual effects
  • Avoid games and high-impact apps
  • Turn off Hey Siri and iCloud

If you are in trouble with low battery life and looking for the best way to improve iPhone & iPad battery life, then try above simple tricks and tips to save the power of your battery and enjoy the expanded time for a useful thing.


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