iOS 14 Release Date, New Features, Rumors and Everything


Apple yearly released the major versions, and the upcoming milestone update is iOS 14. This is one of the most significant talking points among most of Apple fans. iOS 13 cannot define as the best major Apple release although it introduces new Dark mode, overhauled photos app, and other latest releases. iOS 13 suffering from some issues. So Apple immediately released bug fixed updates to maintain the Apple operating system performances and the stability of the official iOS 13. So now, it is better to have another significant update with best-advanced features like earlier iOS 12, one of the best ever Apple operating systems.

ios 14

Apple will definitely introduce most advanced facilities by solving anomalies that users have faced on iOS 13, and in 2020, something important will happen with the official iOS 14. So we can hopefully be waiting for some potential iOS 14 features with enhanced performances.

Rumors of iOS 14

According to previous releases, there are lots of predictions, rumors on official iOS 14.  iOS 14 definitely includes internal development system and list of latest features. All those release dates, features, device compatibility, new introduces, and many other features are depending on rumors, so we have to wait to see whether those rumors will make a reality.

Apple will officially announce its upcoming new iOS 14 in the next WWDC(Worldwide developers conference) which held in June annually. Then users can know formally about all the latest software updates, range of products, and tons of other latest news.

However, the official iOS 14 will release in mid-September 2020. By following the WWDC keynote, the first beta release of iOS 14 will be released to the public early. According to rumors, iOS 14 will be a super blast with a number of new features and functions. So this will be the best ever operating system for 2020. Using public beta, you can get early access to this iOS 14 and here you have to use your Apple ID, and the program is entirely free. For iOS 14, the official beta will release around 29 June 2020.

ios 14 features

For the latest iDevices this iOS 14 surely compatible and for the foldable latest devices, this will be the most suitable operating system version that comes with unconditional facilities. However, this time Apple will thoroughly concern the security, and this time jailbreakers will not easy to jailbreak iOS 14 such as iOS 13. The security level will increase with limits, restrictions and many other regulations.

Finally, overall, this will be the best ever iOS update for worldwide Apple users.

Release Date of iOS 14

Apple officially not confirmed the official iOS 14 release. But looking for the earlier releases of the major iOS we can predict iOS 14 will release date. So now, let’s see the earlier release schedule. Apple has a certain pattern for an official release for iOS. All those updates released in the mid of September. So we can predict the official iOS 14 release date between 14 and 18 September 2020.

Let’s see the past five iOS release dates.

  1. iOS 13 on Thursday 19 September in 2019
  2. iOS 12 on  Monday 17 September in 2018
  3. iOS 11 on Wednesday 20 September in  2017
  4. iOS 10 on  Tuesday 13 September in 2016
  5. iOS 9 on Wednesday 16 September in 2015

iOS 14 compatibility 

iOS 14 will support the below iDevices and for the upcoming iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Those are,

  • iPod touch (7th gen)
  • iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE & iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR & iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max

According to rumors happy to say that for iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s will still be supported for iOS 14. 

ios 14 compatible devices

What should improve with the new iOS 14?

Earlier iOS 13 is not a 100% perfect update, and that’s why we need a complete version with improved facilities. So the upcoming iOS 14 should include interesting features such as,

  • Reliability & bugs
  • Features wishlist
  • Banner-based call notifications
  • Redesigned notification system
  • Easy access to the App Store and updates
  • Camera app with Animoji filters 
  • Alarm enhancements
  • Siri improvements

What do we need with iOS 14?

When concerned about other earlier updates, with iOS 14 Aa an Apple use we expect more enhanced features such as smart composition, Smarter spam calls filter facilities, and Foldables support with the upcoming latest iDevices.


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