Pandora App For Apple Watch Now Supports Apple Siri


Pandora Apple Watch App is one of the popular music streaming services. Without using your iPhone now you can be listening to music and podcast using this Watch app. So now Apple users have the freedom to play songs, albums, playlists, stations, and podcasts, just controlling them from your wrist. Now developers introduced the latest compatibility- Siri. So Pandora Apple Watch App updated with Siri compatibility.

pandora app supports siri

One of the best things about having Siri is it makes easier to search specific content on your Apple watch. It means there is no need to rely on the iPhone. For preference tuning purposes, users can request to like or dislike a current song.

More about Pandora Apple Watch App

Pandora for iOS is getting more personalized inventions for most compatible music recommendations. The application contains a shuffle station feature, options to add music to a selected playlist using Siri. Here it is for limited premium subscribers. Let’s see the full release of note for this latest update.

pandora app

Latest Updates of Pandora Apple Watch App

Pandora Apple Watch App updated recently. So let’s see what are the latest changes included in the application.

  • The latest edit shuffle stations feature
  • Update available for premium listeners
  • Freedom to select stations for play shuffle
  • Siri on Apple Watch
  • Give commands to Siri to play songs, albums, play station, podcasts
  • Ability to tell like or dislike with the current play song or music track. For example. “Hey Siri, I like this song.”

pandora apple watch app

Here you can catch those latest added features and improvements for Siri on iOS. Users have the freedom to ask Siri to add songs to your playlist or selected playlist. So here give commands like “Hey Siri, add My love song to my fav collection on Pandora.” this facility is supported only for premium listeners. Then users can Tell whether you like the song or not. Pandora Apple Watch App is a more customized and personalized app. So it allows the freedom to find and listen to the music that you love most.

For Apple users, Pandora Apple Watch App is another wonderful feature. Now this latest compatibility, Pandora for iOS is free. If you are interested in more facilities you have to get the premium version. Here you have to subscribe to it. The Premium version includes ad-free listening. Here it is similar to Apple Music and Spotify.

Before the Pandora Apple Watch App support Siri, Spotify launched Siri support in the earlier this month.


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