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There are many streaming services out there in this day and age, all trying their best to capture a wider audience, and a bigger chunk of this lucrative market. The most well-known of them require a subscription fee, which keeps getting more out of reach for the common man, especially during these dark times where the pandemic has caused an ever-rising inflation rate. But there are a few streaming options still available to us, which doesn’t cost a dime. Plex is one of them.

As long as you own a smartphone and have an internet connection, you can download this amazing application, and enjoy what it provides to your heart’s content. In addition to being totally free, with no subscription required, the range of products that this app provides keeps one captivated and amazed. The Homepage boasts a wide array of categories to choose from, neatly sectioned into their respective categories. The interface is attractive and easy to use, and has been designed in such a way that you will be able to scroll through hundreds and thousands of options, without being overwhelmed even for a few seconds.

Features of Plex


Some of the categories are as follows: Most Popular, Recently Added, Screen Legends, Best of the Week, Black Cinema, Backstage Pass, Kid Zone, Action, Drama TV and Western. Each category boasts a plethora of options to choose from, including some of the newest ones, and old and well-loved classics. Once you select a movie or TV show you are taken to another page, where you are given a summary of the plot, and information about the director, studio, genre and video quality. You are also shown the cast members with their pictures, extras, reviews, similar titles to watch and more movies with the lead actor. You can also share the link to the show on your socials.

Plex also offers you Live TV, where you can browse through hundreds of channels to watch ranging from news, sports, kids’ and documentary channels. The channels are listed out along with the TV guides next to them, so that you can plan out your day around your favorite show. Once you have had your fix of Live TV, you can move on to the hundreds of Web Shows Plex features, again brought to you as an impressive array of categories, namely Learn Something New, Caught on Camera, Latest in Tech, latest Trailers, Personalities and Pop Culture, Sports and Hobbies, Pets and Animals, Science, Film and TV, Video Games and Food and Travel.

In addition to movies, TV shows, Live TV and Web shows, Plex offers music from a wide range of popular and up and coming artists, like Adele, Olivia Rodrigo, Drake, The Weekend, Billie Eilish, The Beatles and so much more.

Watch Movies and Live TV using Plex

There are many Movies and Live TV applications for Android TV and Fire TV. One such application is Plex. You can use Play Store or Amazon App store to install this application on Android TV and Fire TV devices easily. However, this application does not available for all regions and devices. Those devices can use AppLinked apk, FileSynced apk or UnLinked apk to install plex on your TV box.

AppLinked and FileSynced are the most popular Android TV app stores that has Movies, TV Shows and Live TV apps. It is because those app stores are maintained by TV users all around the world. Therefore, you will find working Movies and TV shows apps. There are play store like app stores. For example, Aptoide TV. It is the largest Android TV app store available for free. But does not contain Movies and TV shows apps like on AppLinked.

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