Project Makeover Android Video Game – Download Latest Version


Project Makeover Android video game

The Project Makeover character makeup Android video game is a fun and exciting way to learn the basics of makeup.

Project Makeover Android video game

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can have hours of fun playing this game with your friends or family members by choosing multiple characters or even a single one.

Project Makeover Android video game is a relaxing puzzle game to enjoy your free time on a mobile device.

Project Makeover Free Android Puzzle Game

Below are some of the makeup features that this app has,

  • Line the eyes with a black pencil.
  • Using white eyeliner, draw the top and bottom eyelid line
  • .Apply mascara.

Kimmy, who is a makeup artist in the Project Makeover game, has a long list of clients who need her services.

But with no time to spare and an ever-growing list of customers to meet the demands of, she needs a solution.

The solution is Project Makeover, a new mobile game that challenges players to complete all the jobs in one day.

The catch is that if you don’t finish in time, then Kimmy gets to do a makeover on the player.

Kimmy’s player is pretty cute and her work is flawless.

For players who cannot meet deadlines, Kimmy includes a penalty: “a makeover.”

Every character in the Project Makeover android game has a unique design and personality.

They’re all incredibly fashion-forward and have a taste for the latest trends in the beauty that will make you want to try out some of their new looks.

The game features six different characters, each with a unique look.

The developers said that the game’s characters have been designed to look different from one another in order to help players identify which character they are playing.

The game also has three multiplayer modes: “My Closet,” “Style Battle,” and “TCG Mode.”

The Project Makeover Android game is a fun, easy way to makeover your character.

You can import photos or create a character design in the app.

With some creativity and patience, you will be able to create your ideal character in no time.

This is a quick guide that will show you how to makeover your character in the Project Makeover Android game.

After selecting hair, you can choose your existing hair color or create a custom one. To change the color, tap on the image on the left side of the screen and select what area of your hair you want to change.

Project Makeover Android mobile game with a lot of characters to choose from.

You have to play a character who has had a makeover, and you have to find someone else who needs a makeover.

You must take them on a journey through the world and complete missions in order to get the best look for your character.

The game has some really interesting and unique gameplay mechanics, with multiple objectives for each mission.

It also offers a lot of customization options for your character.

They need help finding the game’s art style, though.

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