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There are lots of Android sharing apps that works on both Android phones and TV boxes. But those may require to connect to a same router or file has to be available on sharing device. When you want to share your collection of photos with your parents who were far away on in another country, it is so hard. Many uses smart TV boxes watch content on TV. Most of them are much familiar with TV boxes than using a phone. Is there any application that can share collection of files to a TV?

Filelinked is the best and only available solution. Filelinked allowed you to create your own list of files and share with anyone without any restrictions. You can update that list easily without any problem. Others can access your list simply without any hard procedures. Let’s see how to share your files.

How to Share files to Android TV BOX

First create an account on Filelinked dashboard. Filelinked is completely free service. Once you create your account you will be able to see an option to create a store. Now create your first store. Store is the place where you store all your files. Stores has its own code called Filelinked code. Now add your files that store. You can share that 8-digit code with friends to share your files.

  • You can add thumbnail to your files
  • You can add reference links to files. An online source or web address.
  • You can group your files.
  • You can name each group easily.

Above shows only few features.

Due to easy file sharing capability of Filelinked application, it was used as an Android TV store. Many Android TV lovers and YouTube creators create their own list of Android TV apps and games. They share their favorite collection with fans. Fans or Android TV users can easily get access to those files using Android TV box. No need to type long download URLs that are hard to remember and hard to type using TV remote. Just enter 8-digit code that’s all.

You may hear about other TV box stores like Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV is the best alternative for Play Store TV. Like AC Market for Play Store phone application. You can install Android Apps and games available for phones on your TV box using Aptoide TV app. So, how filelinked is better than Aptoide TV. Filelinked contain many free Movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV apps. Aptoide TV does not contain most of those apps and games. Since Filelinked was maintained by users, you may see extremely rare awesome apps discovered and developed by Android TV lovers all around the world.

If your device slow down due to lots of applications and games, you can use cleaning application like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner and etc. to get more storage and performance.

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