tvOS 13 Latest Version Of Apple and New Features and Functions


For Apple TV models,  tvOS is the operating system that runs with the Apple App Store. This is for the fourth-gen and 4K Apple TV models. tvOS is for Apple TV, and this is equivalent to iOS on iPhones and macOS for Mac devices. This is the best way to manage apps on Apple TV, and tvOS supports selecting applications to install on your device. Apple released this tvOS with a number that was based on the iOS version. So here iOS 12 goes with tvOS 12 and iOS 13 go with tvOS 13. This latest update was released last September, and now anyone can enjoy it within a free software update. With the latest tvOS 13 we can see a collection of new features and functions rather than earlier times, but it is not included features more than tvOS 12.

tvos 13

The latest version of Apple  tvOS – tvOS 13

As we know, tvOS is the operating system that was developed by Apple Inc. This comes for the 4th generation and upward Apple TV digital media players. In 2015, tvOS was released for the first time. tvOS is iOS-based system software. So now in2019, we have another latest update with plenty of facilities. That is TVOS 13 based on iOS 13. From the 24th of September 2019, Apple users can freely download tvOS 13. This time Apple released iOS 13, iPadOS 13, tvOS 13 for all the compatible Apple devices. One of the most interesting things is Apple introduced  Apple Arcade, with this TVOS 13. This is a video game subscription service from Apple Inc, and now it supports for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and macOS devices.

The other facility is the Apple TV+ streaming service. However, it does not get upset as it would arrive on 1 November with a collection of opportunities.

New features in tvOS 13

tvos 13 features

Here Apple users can easily catch the latest facilities on tvOS 13. As mentioned above, this is a wonderful release for millions of Apple TV users. With the latest tvOS 13, we can expect an amazing collection of facilities. So here it comes with,

  • Apple Arcade. (The most recent Apple’s new gaming subscription service for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.)
  • Controller support
  • The latest redesigned Home screen
  • Multi-user support
  • New Control Centre
  • Apple Music app with redesigned facilities 
  • Original TV shows and movies
  • New screensavers(Underwater 4K HDR active screen services)

Compatibility of Apple tvOS 13

Apple tvOS 13 supports all the app-capable Apple TVs, and this is for fourth-generation 4K or any new Apple TV. But here, the third-generation and earlier Apple TV hasn’t the ability to run tvOS at all. They supported only for a simpler platform called Apple TV Software.

How to update tvOS 13 for your Apple TV

This is just a simple process, and anyone who is interested in this service can enjoy all those thousands of facilities. For the installation of tvOS 13 now you can follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings on your Apple TV 
  2. Tap on systemtvos 13 settings
  3. Now select software updates and then software updates.tvos 13 update
  4. Tap on Download and Install and Update Now then you can easily upgrade for tvOS 13.

Apple automatically sends a software update message for all supported devices. So by checking the availability of an update, users can easily upgrade tvOS 13. In fact, by following the above steps, you can manually complete the update process.


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