WatchOS 6 Latest Release From Apple and New Features


watchos 6

Apple watchOS 6 was now available in public. This is the recently released watch OS update for Apple users, and now you can easily upgrade watchOS 6 for supported Apple watch devices as most of the watch series supports watchOS upgrades. As this has happened every year since the first Apple Watch was revealed, Apple also unveiled a new Apple Watch this September. That is the watchOS 6 and this watchOS 6 is the latest version which includes new features to impress users.

Apple watch is a little computer in your wrist. So with the new update, it includes great stuff with unconditional facilities.watchos 6

Features of the WatchOS 6 Latest Version

After watchOS 5 arrives, Apple now released watchOS 6. Here Apple developers include something new, something improves and something interested with watchOS 6. According to the latest facilities here we can see new watch face and complications, the most recent collection of first-party apps such as Audiobooks, Voice Memos, and Calculator other apps for the watchOS app store. The latest health feature comes with hearing facilities and audios enable to stores locally on the device. Apple developers include a streaming audio API for developers, and it allows some apps such as Spotify or Overcast. Here it supports stream over an LTE connection when you are far from the iPhone.

watchos 6 features

 “Trends,” “Highlights,” and “Favorites” included in the new health and fitness app. So it compares activities over each time. “Cycles” app is specially designed for women as it allows for tracking menstrual cycles. Some of those latest facilities are,

  • California watches face.
  • Noise app.
  • Independent apps.
  • Calculator.
  • Cycle Tracking.
  • Voice Memos.

Update my watchOS 6

By following the correct path now, you can easily download and install watchOS 6 to your supported Apple watch series. This latest watch series 6 includes a mechanism that allows upgrading OS versions without using an iPhone. It means users have the ability to upgrade the Apple watch itself. Here users can follow the below steps for upgrade your Apple Watch to watchOS 6.

  1. As the first step here, you have to open Settings on your Apple Watch. You can do it using Siri or your app list.watchos 6 update 1
  2. Select Generalwatchos 6 update 2
  3. Now tap on software update.watchos 6 update 3
  4. Tap on the install button and click on “OK.”watchos 6 update 4
  5. Now open the watch app on your iPhone. Then tap on agree to those Terms & Conditions.watchos 6 update 5
  6. Now on your Apple watch tap on download and install process. Finally, the process begins.watchos 6 update 6

Here before beginning the process, make sure about your device battery charge and it should be greater than 50%.

WatchOS 6 Compatibility

WatchOS 5 was released last year. It supports for first-generation Apple watch series and this latest update, watchOS 6 supports for all the Apple watch series hardware versions as well as watchOS 5. So here watchOS 6 compatible with

Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series2, Apple watch Series3, and Apple watch Series4 and iPhone 6s or later. So if you have one of the above devices, then yes it is possible to get the latest watchOS 6 for your Apple watch quickly.

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