10 Tips That You Should Know About In iPad Pro Magic Keyboard


Apple iPad Pro-magic keyboard is the latest updated feature for your 2018 and 2020 iPad Pro. It is essential to update this magic keyboard because it includes a list of favorite tips and tricks that is essential to know before going to use it. So let’s see what are they.

ipad pro magic keyboard

10 Tips and Tricks That You Should Know About iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard

  1. USB-C Port – It is completely free

With the iPad Pro-Magic keyboard, Apple could able to introduce a neat design with the compatibility of USB-C port to the side of the Magic Keyboard. It allows us to connect the iPadPro with a charger, and this is the way to connect accessories like SD card, digital camera, or any other device. The other thing is you can charge your Apple watch from this USB C port or connect your iPad Pro display to another external display.

ipad pro magic keyboard usb type c

  1. Reclaim the Escape Key

The escape key is not compatible with the latest iPadPro. But do not get upset now you can follow a couple of ways to get back this facility. First, you can hit the command key and period key together. If it does not work then use iPadOS 13.4 and it allows to remap modifier keys on various actions.

ipad pro magic keyboard no esc key

  1. Ability to Gain Quick Access to the Virtual Keyboard

It is easy to get back the virtual keyboard for purposes such as type accented characters, and dictation. To get the virtual keyboard back tap the down arrow key on the Magic Keyboard.

Touch and hold the downward-facing chevron in the bottom-right corner 

To hide it, tap the key in the bottom-right corner of the screen

  1. Using keys you can control Touchscreen Actions

If you faced troubles using the ‌iPad Pro‌’s touchscreen, then you can use many functions using the Magic Keyboard. Here you have to launch Settings > Accessibility -> Keyboards -> Full Keyboard Access.

Using full Keyboard access you will be able to customize as well as control keyboard shortcuts to replicate functions, gestures, movements, interactions, and more.

  1. Adjust Backlight Brightness

Apple Magic keyboard is lacking with function keys. So for some system settings, there does not have dedicated keys. Here you can manually try it. For that, Launch the Settings app > Select General -> Keyboard -> Hardware Keyboard. Now you can simply change the Keyboard Brightness.

ipad pro magic keyboard trackpad gestures

  1. Customize Cursor Behavior

Now you can easily customize the overall appearance as well as the behavior of the cursor. So now it allows us to increase the contrast of the cursor, change the color, change the cursor size, adjust the scrolling speed, disabling the auto-hide, and many more. You can find settings under Accessibility -> Pointer Control.

  1. Tap-to-Click and Two-Finger Secondary Click

To enable this facility on iPadOS 13.4 you have to launch Settings. Then choose General -> Trackpad. Then you have to switch on the toggle that is next to Tap to Click.

  1. Trackpad Gestures

Trackpad Gestures facility is now released with the Magic Keyboard. It supports new trackpad gestures with the ‌iPadOS‌ 13.4.

  1. Access Emoji Keyboard

Now you can easily access emoji using the Magic Keyboard. When you use English, then the emoji keyboard will appear. If you want to disappear it tap on the globe key on the keyboard again.

  1. “Easel Mode” and Other Orientations


  • First, you have to hold your ‌iPad Pro‌ in landscape orientation
  • Then against the ridge, you have to prop the bottom side 
  • Now you have rest the top side against your Magic Keyboard cover.

Finally, you have one of the most stable elevated drafting stand or “easel,”. This is perfect for drawing.

If you currently use a new iPadPro than try the above tips to modify its facilities. All of them are freely available.


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