Optimize Dell Inspiron Laptop


Optimize Dell Inspiron

Inspiron laptops are popular as budget-friendly everyday laptops among students, graphic designers, etc. These laptops are built to offer good performance at a reasonable price. A wide range of configurations allows users to create their dream specs. With a configurator, you can create basic laptops to high-end laptops with a touchscreen and more.

Most student laptops are full of software, games, files, etc. Therefore, the probability of experiencing slow performance and low storage space is high. Most of the time buying a new laptop is not an option.

Are you facing issues with the slow performance of the Dell Inspiron laptop? want to fix it immediately. They try using the Optimizer App.

How to speed up your Inspiron Laptop

Below shows how to speed up your laptop using the Optimizer app. First download and install the latest version of the Optimizer app. Then open that application in administrative privileges. You will see different kinds of options under “General”, “Windows 11”, “Cleaner”, etc. Select optimization features you want at each section and restart to apply those changes. Use Optimizer for Dell to speed your laptop for free.

Optimizer for Dell Inspiron Laptop

Features of Optimizer for Dell Inspiron

Below list only the main features of this application. You can download and install this application using the above download link to experience all the free features.

Free System Drive

The reason to have low storage space on the system drive is not only installed apps and games. There are many other reasons to have low storage space like junk files, downloaded files, not cleaning the recycle bin, temporary files, Error reports, etc. You can clean those files to a free system drive without uninstalling your software.

You can go further by deleting UWP apps. Every Dell Inspiron laptop comes with a preinstalled set of UWP apps and games. Most users do not even bother to open those applications. Go to the UWP section in the Optimizer app and see the full list of installed UWP apps. Select and uninstall apps to free up more storage space.

Remove unwanted background running apps

Windows has many background running applications that utilize resources causing slow performance and internet speed. Some of those services are Windows Telemetry, Chrome Telemetry, Cortana, Chat, Copilot, Windows update service, etc. You can disable all those unwanted background apps to free RAM, processing power, and internet bandwidth. You will experience a sudden performance boost after disabling those apps.

Faster Windows boot time

The main reason to have a slow boot time is startup apps. Because you have to wait till all the startup apps are done loading. During that time, you will experience slow performance because all available resources are used to start those applications. Startup apps appear after installing apps and games. It is better to disable unwanted startup apps with this application to have a faster boot time.

Fix Inspiron registry errors

As you all know registry errors cause lots of problems such as failing to update, frequent error messages, failure to load applications, etc. You can fix common registry errors using the Optimizer App.


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