Steps To Take When Your iPhone is Lost or Stolen ?

iphone lost or stolen

It is hard to hear that you lost your iPhone because of your careless or whether someone has stolen it. However, if your iPhone is Lost or Stolen, then there is something that you should follow to protect your information. In your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, AirPod, Apple watch or macOS there is a security … Read more

Airpods: Best Wireless Earphones/ Earbuds From Apple


AirPods are one of the most elegant wireless earphones that belong to Apple Inc. It is a wireless Bluetooth earbud, and in 2016 it was released for millions of Apple users. In this year (2019) AirPod 2 was released, and this second iteration includes more advanced features rather than the first attempt. Today, this is … Read more

iOS 13 Relase Date, All New Features, Rumors, and News

ios 13

iOS 13 is the most trending Apple operating version that is going to be released in further days. This is a substantial operating system and the thirteenth major version after iOS 12. We know that iOS 12 released several bug fixed version and finally, after on year iOS 13 is about to release with a … Read more