How to Backup iPhone Without iTunes / iCloud: Dearmob iPhone Manager


Many people have smartphones to capture pictures, send text messages and store important information. Making sure all these files are secure should be a priority, especially considering those things, it can easily happen to damage one’s iPhone, or to delete data by error. That’s why to maintain regular backups for any iPhone data is so significant.

backup iphone

It’s significant to have a back up in the iPhone, however, iTunes and iCloud may be difficult as well as sluggish, and never let users do partial backups. The iPhone is filled with significant as well as unique data, from valuable images and texts to health-related data, business links, gmails and files. when the iPhone doesn’t back up, users can misplace all when the smartphone is snatched or destroyed or bricked up when one of the daily iOS updates from Apple.

Much safer to protect the iPhone’s belongings in a harmless off-device archive, in the cloud, or on a Mac or PC, therefore users are able to quickly recover the lot when somewhat happens mistaken. This too creates moving to a novel tool that is simpler lacking having to install all from scratch. Often, though, this logical and seem to be easy guidance is much easier said than done. Most users of iPhones have bad habits, help up occasionally or not all, hence it’s admiring and wondering what is the reason behind.

DearMob iPhone Manager

Apple companies will like to practice their own backup devices for users however it’s significant to realize that many alternative options are there out from there. Through this article, one of the alternatives called DearMob iPhone Manager, which has several pros over iTunes and iCloud is explained.

dearmob iphone manager

DearMob gives a series of extra resources users don’t get from Apple’s products. In addition to that, its biggest pro is it is able to do selective backups, that means that images, contact details, text messages, music and video files are able to be backed up and restored separately. Furthermore, the application help and also transform a huge variety of arrangements allowing users, as an example, to back up HEIC files like JPG, ePub as TXT, contacts as HTML or XML, and various sorts of files as PDFs, if this is more suitable for you.

This application also provides dual way replication to many computers without loss of data, quick transfer speeds, saving of passwords for chosen files and are able to do a full backup and restore one tap.

How to perform a full backup

To provide an awareness of the methodology of iPhone Manager functions, let’s go across the simple methodology to make a local backup for iPhones.

  1.     Have a USB cable to link your iPhone and Mac, or PC.
  2.     click Trust This Computer on the iPhone.
  3.     Go to DearMob iPhone Manager and tap ‘Backup’.
  4.     Tap on ‘Backup Now’. A full iPhone backup document will be created.

backup iphone dearmob

How to backup selected files

  1.     By having the iPhone connected into your PC, go to iPhone Manager and tap on ‘Photo Transfer’.
  2.     choose the images that you like to back up.
  3.     Tap ‘Export’, and wait for the document until it to be created.


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