iFixit Allows You To See Inside Of iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Trackpad


For the new Magic Keyboard for your iPad Pro, iFixit shared x-rays as a new feature and it giving users a simple attractive look to the inside of Apple’s newly designed keyboard. Then now iFixit allows users another opportunity. That is back with a mini trackpad teardown.

ifixit inside ipad pro magic keyboard

While you are updating to the original x-ray article, the iFixit trackpad was disassembled and it allows you to take a look at what’s inside.

Trackpad operates on a lever system and there is a  single button inside the trackpad. After you tap near the center or if you press the top, middle, or bottom center, you should press the button when you press the center.

To activate the lever system you have to press the top, bottom, or near one corner. Then to make a click, here you have to force the contact plate in the center.

ifixit ipad track apd teardown

According to iFixit, the trackpad is the only compatible part of the Magic Keyboard and users can be detached without causing much damage to the device. So until the website is ready to publish the repair guide, you may have to wait for a further look inside.

This latest Apple new Magic Keyboard and the Trackpad support for 2018 iPadPro models and 2020 iPad Pro models. The process for this 11-inch version is $299, for the 12.9-inch version it is about  $349 and it is available on the Apple website for purchase.


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