Apple Introduces PowerBeats Pro With New Colors


Apple is now getting ready to introduce another accessory for Apple users. Those are the new  Powerbeats Pro models. These latest releases designed with spring-themed colors and the category included cloud pink, spring yellow, glacier blue, and lava red. All these details listed according to the Weibo account (via iMore).

All these rumors knitting according to WaveTech. This is an unreported source for sharing accurate information about Apple’s plans.  But the widespread attention it received from the rumor leads us to believe the information may be accurate.

powerbeats pro colors

PoweBeats Pro Colors

Apple very first introduced Powerbeats released in April 2019. That Powerbeats Pro collection comes in several color codes such as black, ivory, moss, and navy. All these colors related to the plainer category and more subdued colors. Therefore this latest brighter color Powerbeats will be popular among Apple users rather than the earlier collection. This will be a welcome update.

Apple manufacturer always updated Beats headphones with several options. Therefore you can catch colorways with seasonal color categories such as the Beats Solo and Studio headphones. There are no surprises to see those new ‌Powerbeats Pro‌ color options because Apple always introduces something new.

powerbeats pro release date

Powerbeats Pro 2 Earbuds

Earlier this year, there was a rumor about another Apple  Powerbeats Pro 2 earbuds launching. According to the regulatory documents it conveys well well about this new Apple  Powerbeats Pro 2 earbuds. This is a minor refresh with simple internal modification and the only difference is the model number.

The new model numbers will likely join the Powerbeats Pro releases of the new spring colors, but there may be minor internal changes to the updated Powerbeats Pro. All details depend on rumors and with the final release you can get to know about them.  Finally, you can select your dreamed colors included in spring colors code such as Cloud Pink, Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow, and Lava Red.

Are you ready to enjoy the latest experience with Apple Debut Powerbeats Pro accessories? Never missed this latest opportunity, select one of your favorites!


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