macOS vs. Windows: Which One Is the Best?


macOS vs. Windows

Maybe the most important factor for working with a computer is its operating system. The two most powerful competitors in this field are Microsoft and Apple each of them has its fans. In this article, we are going to compare macOS vs Windows and go through their features, hardware and software support, capabilities, and other characteristics. We will indicate the advantages of each side in all of the above mentioned categories. But in the end, you should know that this analysis can’t solely shape your choice. There are other factors that can’t be counted here but have a strong effect on your choice including the environment you are living in: your other technology pieces such as your phone in addition to the choice of people around you, your unique characteristics, and your professional needs. If you are interested in installing either Mac OS or Windows all you have to do is, make a bootable USB drive using a software like Win32 Disk Imager and you’re good to go.

First thing first! We should talk about money. Cost is the most important advantage of windows due to the variety of PC makers that make it easier to find various devices at different prices. Generally speaking, Macs cost you more money; a higher upfront price than almost all PCs, in addition to higher maintenance costs.  It’s interesting to know that you can only get repairs and maintenance under warranty if you go to an Apple store for these tasks which as we mentioned, will cost you lots of money. Otherwise, you are risking by going to a general repair store because if something goes wrong, Apple is not going to help you to repair it, let alone buying a new computer. Thus, it is a huge risk and nobody usually does that.

The longevity of a Windows computer or Mac is e measure indicating how long that commuter can run and how soon the updates and upgrades come and whether it forces you to buy a new computer.

From the lifespan perspective, there is really no difference between these groups of computers. No matter which one you choose, on average the lifespan is 5-6 years. Moreover, this period will exceed if you take a good care of your computer.

There are numbers of exclusive software for Windows, far more than exclusive software created for Macs. The majority of well-known software makers produce software in different versions suitable for both groups of computers but not all of them are working this way. It makes a double check necessary if you are going to buy Macs ensuring that all of your professional needs will be satisfied. The opposite is also true: Tools and programs for graphic design which are Macs-only. Moreover, Macs similar to other Apple products are more charming visually. These two main reasons along with Macs’ historical reputation for high-power graphic design, have resulted in this belief that Macs are more suitable for designers.

We should admit that as long as there exist two powerful companies working in this field, both these computer groups have some advantages. We can not choose one system over the other claiming that it is better in every aspect. It is important that one knows her priorities and chooses her system based on what she is going to use the computer for.

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