TokoVOIP – Best TeamSpeak Plugin to Play GTAV with FiveM


tokovoip teamspaek plugin

TokoVOIP is one of the best TeamSpeak plugins designed to use with FiveM. You can add radio effects to the FiveM with the integration of the radio FX plugin.

tokovoip teamspaek plugin

Why should you use the TokoVOIP plugin?

If you play GTA V and want to use customized dedicated servers to turn on multiplayer mode on the game, FiveM is the all-time popular aspects alternation app that allows you to do that.

So, apart from the features that FiveM gives you on default, you can add many more features if you use TokoVOIP along with FiveM as an enhanced tool.

The key feature of the TokoVOIP plugin is that it gives you another voice chat option to the FiveM script, and you can enhance your default voice chat feature on FiveM.

As a result, you can get much better audio quality and more controls by using TokoVOIP.

More important features of TokoVOIP

With this tool, you can set up your preferred low-frequency responses bass or when the MIC is closer to the sound source with the proximity-based audio feature on TokoVOIP.

So you don’t have to worry about getting disturbed with audio sources because this plugin is able to avoid it.

When compared to the default voice settings of the FiveM, you can easily reduce the voice spread with the directional audio features in the TokoVOIP plugin.

This plugin has some other benefits like a Radio system, radio calls, radio effects, radio clicks, and so on.

How to download and use TokoVOIP?

In order to run this application, you need to download the w-s server, FiveM script, and ts3 plugin.

After that, you have to install the ts3 plugin and TokoVOIP plugin on it.

Once you have finished the TokoVOIP installation, you have to connect it with the FiveM server.

Then Ensure that your plugin is connected with TeamSpeak 3 server as well.

Then you have to join the right TeamSpeak 3 channel.

You have to be in the game in order to connect TeamSpeak 3 plugin.

Since TokoVOIP is a WebSockets development, This plugin works by sending in the required gaming data via WebSockets to your TeamSpeak 3 plugin.

You can’t run WebSockets on local servers because FiveM does not allow that. So, that is the main thing why it is necessary to use ws-server.

Usually, it’s not possible for the TeamSpeak 3 to know the exact FiveM server that is currently being occupied.

You have to connect the TokoVoip plugin with FiveM WebSockets and TeamSpeak  3 WebSocket properly.

Finally, you can use this application on Windows operating system, MAC os, and Linux.

In Windows, all the versions, including Windows XP, supports this application.

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