What Is Yuzu And Why Should You Use It?


Yuzu is an open source emulator for the Nintendo Switch which was released on March 15, 2018. This one is for Nintendo enthusiasts who want to experience Nintendo games on PC. Yet again, this is open-source software that is GPLv2 licensed and has been in the market since 2018. The amazing part about this emulator is that it plays games at exceptional resolution and the exact frame rate as Nintendo itself. And what put Yuzu on the map was that in 2019 it got Super Mario Odyssey to operate at the same frame rate as Nintendo, without any missing background scenery or lags. You can run all the high-ranking Nintendo 3D games through Yuzu. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes this emulator great! 

The emulator is Linux and Windows compatible and built on C++ to facilitate portability. The system requirements include a good graphics card, ideally 6 GB Nvidia GeForce, and an Intel Core i5 processor for optimum performance. Running Yuzu requires a certain level of proficiency because it runs through C++. You can start by downloading the emulator from Yuzu’s main website and Microsoft Visual C++ simultaneously. Next, you will need keys to run Yuzu (they are easily available on various websites). Once the Yuzu installation file is downloaded, run the .exe file and wait for the installation to complete. Voila, now you can run the game you want to play through Yuzu without any hiccups! 

Yuzu’s UI is interactive and user-friendly. Plus, users can select from multiple theme options, including Dark, Midnight Blue, and Light. You can select the option that best suits your aesthetic preferences. Another benefit of using Yuzu is that it allows multiple users to set up accounts and register, so no need to rely on one user id and password to play your favorite games. All players can play online or on local machines – there are no limitations in terms of playing mode. 

The Yuzu website is extremely comprehensive and gives users information about everything right from the start. The professionalism is evident from the way it is designed. You can find the list of all the available games on the website. Not only that, but the Yuzu developers have also categorized all the games they have tested on the basis of how they perform and denoted them by color. For example, if the games have minor graphical or audio glitches, they are assigned a green color, games that crash upon starting are allotted grey color, and so on. 

The website also gives regular updates on what the team’s been working on, so you can stay up to date about which games you can add to the list, or which features to utilize when running the emulator. And if you run into an issue when trying to run the emulator, there’s a comprehensive FAQ section where you can find a solution to error codes you might come across during the process. 

Overall, Yuzu is a great way to enjoy unique and exclusive Nintendo games with the option to play through the comfort of a PC and at times, use similar controls to that of a console. 

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