AirTags From Apple: Everything You Need To Know


AirTags are another wonderful device that is from Apple for their loving users. This is a superior design of Apple and it is a high technological device with super facilities. This is a Tile-like Bluetooth tracking device. The design allows us to attached items like keys and wallets for the purpose of tracking. Then it lets you find them using Find my app. 

 This new item based on assets that were found in iOS 13.2 and Apple going to name it as “AirTags”.


What are These AirTags?

AirTags are the new invention of Apple manufacturer. Still, there does not have a prospective release date yet. But with one of the upcoming iOS update, it will release for millions of Apple users.

Most Waiting Apple New Release – AirTags

AirTags are simply a small device that very well suits to your palm. This is a small tracking tile that comes with Bluetooth connectivity. It is very useful to find lost items. Now you can easily find several similar products for AirTags in the market. Some of them are Tile and Adero. But we know that Apple holds the best one. This Apple AirTags allows you to,

  • Track devices 
  • For anything, it provides “Find My”-style services
  • Pinpoint items to within inches.
  • Ultimately work with AR.
  • For directional finding, you can use Leverage Apple’s U1 chip.
  • When you leave an item it potentially alerts you

airtags features

Everything You Should Know About AirTags- Performances

AirTags designed with built-in chips. Then it supports to make the connectivity among AirTags and iPhone from the location of the devices they are attached to. Here Apple users have the freedom to use any iPhone, iPad, and Mac device to track the related location of the AirTags. This is the way how to find your missing Apple device.

Basically, AirTags are small device and it is circular white tags. It wears the Apple logo on the front side and it is based on the internal build of official iOS 13. Presumably, these will be attached to the item via glue or a ring-like attachment point, and there may be different ways to use them with different items.

AirTag new items show you in a tab. Here you can get it from Find my app and it comes alongside your Apple devices and with your friends and family. With AirTags, the “Find My app” is the best way to find anything you want.

Air tags, such as a lost iPhone or iPad, appear on a map and list the address where they can be easily tracked.

apple airtags

What Will Happens If I Lose an Item That Has an AirTag?

According to the code in ‌iOS 13‌, you will get a quick notification to your iPhone if you lost your Airtag‌. Then you have to tap a button in the Find My App to activate the chime in the Airtag. So you can locate something that’s lost nearby.

It also appears that Augmented reality plays a role in finding lost items. The Find My app includes an ARKit feature. So it allows users to track down those lost items nearby using the Augmented reality. Balloon Assets will visually show you where the item is.

There is a set of codes in IOS 13. It commands users to Walk around a few feet and move up and down your iPhone. So then you can see a balloon appears.

Price of Apple AirTags

Apple still not announced the total cost for its AirTags. but when concerned about other similar products from other companies such as Tile the price range is starting from $25 to $35.


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