Apple News+ Guide: Everything That You Need to Know


Apple News + is the latest subscription service on Apple News. It was officially released in March 2019, and now it is available for worldwide Apple users.

We know, Apple news is one of the most exciting mobile apps which can be defined as a news aggregator that was developed by Apple Inc.  It is available for iOS supported iPhones, iPads, iPod touch devices, watchOS as well as mac operating systems. This Apple News + is regarding Apple news, and this is the latest subscription service.

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What is Apple News +?

Apple News+ allows users to get access to many news sites such as magazines and paywalled content. For the subscription service here, users have to bear a cost as a subscription fee. This add-on service does not cost any fee for exciting Apple news content. When you paid for the Apple News+ service, then it monthly gives you access for over two hundred popular magazines comes on health, style and beauty, sports and games,  lifestyle , sports, business, finance , entertainment, cars, food, home and garden, hobbies, kids and parenting, politics, science and technology and more.

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Availability of Apple News+ 

For the users who are interesting in Apple News+ content, now you can use this facility through the Apple news app. Here Apple News+ included as a new tab on the app for each iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device. The service is available for all the users who update the iOS 12.2 or later or macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or later. Still the subscription service available in the US, Australis, Canada and the UK right now. Apple has planned to expand the service in other countries in further days in the near future.

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The overall cost for Apple News+

According to Apple, the Apple News+ subscription service may cost nearly $9.99 as the monthly payment in the United States, $12.99 in Canada and  $14.99 in Australia. In the current time, there is still not available any yearly subscription. For the monthly payment, it allows access permission for the entire family for six people. It means Apple gives you family sharing option for a group of users.

Let’s try the Apple News Free Trial

For the very first beginners, Apple gives here free trial on 30 days for  Apple New + service. They give you instructions, and by following them, you can easily follow the step up for sign up. Until the free trial period valid, you have the freedom to engage with the service. After the free month expires, you have to subscribe to a monthly payment package.

For the application, there is no option for sign up and cancel. You have to use the service for the entire month. So keep subscribed with the facility to continue the monthly free trial. Make a reminder for the date that trial expires and then you have the freedom to get 30days test period without costing any charge if you need to cancel the service.


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