The Difference Between Haptic Touch and 3D Touch In iPhone


difference between haptic touch and 3d touch

The haptic touch concept arrives with the latest iPhone 11 series. So now, with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone11 Pro Max, Apple has eliminated 3D Touch throughout its entire iPhone lineup. Then they replaced Haptic Touch instead of the previous 3D Touch feature. This will be the latest facility that came with the newest iPhone 11 category and moving towards other upcoming iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices.  The 3D Touch feature popped up with the iPhone 6s, and this latest haptic touch concept comes with the iPhone 11 and for upcoming devices.

difference between haptic touch and 3d touch

What is Haptic Touch?

Haptic Touch is the latest sensor touching system that comes with iPhone XR, and now it is wholly expanded facilities for iPhone 11 series. This is a 3D touch like feature, and Apple also introduces this technology.  Here it uses the Taptic Engine and provides detailed feedback when Apple users pressed the screen. This haptic Touch is Touch and holds a gesture that comes with iOS 13 and for the above releases.

Here press on a suitable location until a little haptic pop arrives against the finger. Then the secondary menu pops up, and this varies with, where the feature is used. It is enough a simple tap to activate the secondary menu, which was pops up.

haptic touch

Haptic Touch VS 3D touch

For haptic Touch, users have to press and hold sensation. But for 3D Touch, it requires faster press with a forced gesture to activate it quickly.  Haptic feedback of haptic Touch feels similar to the feedback of 3D Touch. So these two concepts have something inseparable. Haptic Touch is faster than 3D Touch, and it lets users do things faster. For example, it gives the ability to take selfies without opening the Camera app.

Differences between  Haptic Touch and 3D Touch?

3D Touch supports multiple levels of pressure, so you could have a softer press do one thing, and a harder press does another thing. As an example, Apple used multiple pressure levels for “Peek and Pop” gestures.

On a 3D Touch device, you were able “Peek” into a web link to see a preview, and then press harder.

Main  things that Haptic Touch can do with your iPhone

  • It allows to activating live photos
  • iDevice trackpad activation with the space bar
  • Notification options expanded
  • Quick Actions for the iDevice Home screen has enabled 
  • Messages activated with bring up quick replying On options
  • Safari with preview links
  • Access menu options
  • Open new tabs for Safari
  • Bring up menu options with preview photos 
  • Preview Mail messages and bring up quick actions
  • Flashlight on the Lock screen option activated 
  • The camera on the Lock screen now available 
  • Extra features for Control Center as the new facility 
  • The new Rearrange option with deleting apps

3d touch iphone

Haptic Touch comes with the iOS 13 operating system, and now this feature essentially works across on it.  iOS 13 includes thousands of the latest opportunities. This time also they added Apple-designed apps along with some third-party apps. Almost every application has additional features, which can be enabled with the haptic touch gesture

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