iFixit Allows You To See Inside Of iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Trackpad

For the new Magic Keyboard for your iPad Pro, iFixit shared x-rays as a new feature and it giving users a simple attractive look...
apple covid 19 app

Apple Introduces COVID-19 App To Help People During Pandemic

Apple takes another action towards the Coronavirus pandemic. That is Apple could able to update the COVID-19 screening app that was designed to help...
apple google exposure notification system

Apple Google Exposure Notification System and How It Works

In iOS 13.5 beta, Apple has introduced an exposure notification API. This allows applications from public health authorities and governments around the world to...
hyperdrive duo

Latest HyperDrive DUO 7-in-2 USB-C Hub for Mac Notebooks

The USB-C Hub, which directly links to Apple's notebook now has become commonplace in recent years. However, it isĀ  Sancho Corporation's Hyper brand that...
apple employees

Apple Plans The Return Of Employees to Corporate Offices Soon

Having a long break-in time because of the coronavirus pandemic, Apple now decided to start having its employees return for corporate offices worldwide. So...